Friday, September 9, 2011

Latest Finds!

Hi there, My name's Dara and I am a pyrex newbie. I have been lusting after pieces in stores for years, but only seriously been collecting this past year. I am learning as I go (and as I pass things up!) I have only 7 pieces so far, and I am VERY eager to get out there and get some more! I'd see bowl sets and pieces and swoon over them, but convince myself  "You'll never use all these, you don't need this many bowls and casserole dishes!" .. I still have that mindset sometimes, but I am slowly getting over it as I begin to complete collections and fall in love with specific patterns.  :)

Anywhoo, enough with the chatter! On to the Photos.

My Collection so far:

lime green single serve casserole red fridgie 1/2  Hostess chip  & Dip set Americana Bowls "Blowing Leaves"  Covered Bowl

I've posted these over at my own blog as well. A Very Good Coat Rack.
I enjoy drawing my pyrex too! A Tweed Fox
Thank you all for listening & reading, I LOVE looking at your collections. :) Take care and happy hunting!


  1. Hi Dara! I love your blog, you are a very good artist! I didn't see any pics of your pyrex on the front page, not sure if I missed it! The last turquoise piece with the white design is great. The other turquoise piece is from the 40's I believe, and I think there's a lid if you can find it. I have a yellow one that is the same.

  2. Hi Dara!

    Happy to see another Pyrex lover! Thanks for sharing your pieces!

    I love the drawings.


  3. A very nice start to your collection! Love the last turquoise piece; I have never seen that one before!

  4. You have an amazing collection so far! I'm lusting after several of those pieces. Good job!

  5. thanks guys, i plan to find some more, and to draw some more when i get time. :) there are only a few drawings back from when i only lusted after pyrex and didn't collect yet. thanks for looking!