Monday, September 5, 2011

Maxwell Street Days in Cedarburg, WI

Went to Maxwell Street Days down in Cedarburg yesterday with my Wife, my Mother, and Grandmother. We all had a good time searching for trinkets and other cool stuff. My Wife and I found a good selection of Pyrex.

The first Pyrex we found was when I saw my Wife literally jump and run to grab something, I couldn't see what at first. When I got over to her she was holding a NIB(Sorta, I'll explain in a sec) set of Spring Blossom Green Cinderella Bowls. After paying for it, I took it and some other stuff to the car and noticed the box didn't say "Spring Blossom", it instead said "Turquoise". So we'll either keep the box and find a set of the Turquoise Butterprint to fill it for our collection or give it to a friend who already has a full set (If she wants it that is).

The next was a 1 1/2 quart Horizon Blue Casserole for my MIL, she had recently broken the bottom of the one she's had for years. We'll send it to her along with some other cool Singer stuff we also found for her.

Next up was a cool a Golden Casserole(Promo 1959) in the warming stand. The dealer had it priced at 30$, I offered her 15$...She said "Are you kidding me?". I said "I gotta start somewhere!". She apparently didn't understand the theory of dickering very well... ;)
I ended up getting it for 20$.

We then found a couple Butterfly Gold pieces, one round mixing bowl to complete a three piece set (300-4)....That is until we find the 4 quart bowl, which will make it a four piece set (400-4). That kind of thinking is "Pyrexia" at it's finest! And a 1 1/2 pint Cinderella bowl in the other color scheme from the full set we already have.

And a small Spring Blossom Green Fridgie to match the new Cinderella bowls above.

Last was a 4 Quart Butterprint Cinderella Bowl in really rough shape.

I was looking for this size bowl to use in test fitting the C&D brackets I make. Just need to find a 1 1/2 pint bowl now.

In other news, I'm trying to find a nice Hostess set so I can attempt to recreate the Hostess Chip and Dip brackets as well as the other style (Multi-piece with the hook over the top) Cinderella C&D bracket. Both styles require brazing the brass wire together so I've been practicing.

There's also a wooden style I might be able to make easily enough. So at some point there may be a full selection of C&D brackets available on my Etsy store.

You can view other photos of our collection over on Flickr, and/or find me on Facebook in the Vintage Pyrex Love group

That's all for today's post. Thanks for reading and I wish you all happy Pyrex hunting.