Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More of my collection!


Since my Pyrex collection is still small(ish), I'll try to catch up and show you a bunch of the pieces I've found in the past few months.

My second time buying Pyrex was through Craigslist.  A man was selling his mother's things since she moved, and I got these six pieces (only one was missing a lid)!  Three Butterprint bake, serve and store casseroles and three Gooseberry round casseroles (I think, I get those types of casseroles confused)!

They're in perfect condition!  I love them :)

I remembered that at a used bookstore in town, they also sometimes have random housewares stuff.  I found this almost right after I walked in the store!  A Colonial Mist cinderella bowl.

I had trade money left over from reselling some books one time, so it was sort of like getting it for free!

I found this Snowflake divided dish (with a lid) at the other bookstore location.  It's so pretty!

A dance theater where I used to take trapeze classes had a big rummage sale so my husband and I took a walk to go check it out.  Right away I saw these three pieces.  Two Verde oval casseroles and a fridgie!  $5 total!  I was so excited :)

That's pretty much the rest of my collection!  I have a few other things I need to take pictures of so I'll post those eventually :)


  1. I love this I cant seem to have any luck finding any on my craigslist. Been dying for the Pink Gooseberry I love them !

  2. Nice collection! I have been looking for those larger Gooseberry casseroles for ages! Craigslist is a big nothing here as well; never see Pyrex listed there.