Friday, September 9, 2011

Pyrex Draws First Blood

I came home to two packages on my door step.

One in perfect condition:

The other in a million pieces:

It hurt, literally. I was so excited I cut my finger pulling off the bubble wrap. I officially hate UPS.

One less friendship piece in the world.


  1. That really stinks! I know how much you wanted friendship!

  2. Bummer!!! I've been so nervous ordering Pyrex online, but so far everyone has packaged really well and the delivery man has been nice to my boxes.

    Sorry for your broken piece! and a FRIENDSHIP, no less! Awww... :-(

  3. Ugh! What a sad, sad package. I feel your pain- I love Friendship.

  4. I bought a Friendship Cinderella bowl (was to be my third piece in my brand spanking new collection) from an Etsy store, and it arrived in a zillion pieces. It absolutely ruined my night. I won't buy online again.

  5. This was actually a trade. I've done six trades in the last week and this was the only one with bad result. It was wrapped with bubble tape and taped down and filled with peanuts in the box. I can't really complain about the wrap job. I guess the UPS guys must be playing volleyball with the packages. I'm still bummed.

  6. That stinks! I love Friendship and just received my first piece in a trade. I held my breath while I unwrapped it and was so grateful it was intact. My condolences!