Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pyrexmania... it happened today!

Ladies... (and the Gent's out there too),

I pulled out ALL of my Pyrex today.  It put into perspective just how much of it I have collected over the last 4 weeks.  OMG!

After HOURS of working on this:

I have sorted, rewrapped, cataloged, packed and came up with 6 apple boxes of keepers and 3 boxes for trades/sell on ebay.   I will post a blog later this week with trades pictured by small groupings. 

Check out my blog here for all the details from today... and  my sad loss of a pink gooseberry! :(


  1. amazing. you should be proud.

    and p.s. i totally want to trade with you! can't wait to see what you have up for grabs!

  2. Wow, that's a lot after only 4 weeks of collecting!! I see a lot of Pyrex in your pics that I'm interested in. Can't wait to see your trade/sell list.