Wednesday, September 14, 2011

vacation find - designs

While in Ohio the husband and I took the chance to antique while knowing we would have to keep our finds small.  Well, the pyrex was plentiful, and pretty cheap based on California antique standards!  I have always loved the designs pattern, but have never actually seen it in person.  When I found it for $11 in perfect condition, I decided it would be the perfect souvenir for me.

I think it works quite nicely with the rest of the family.
Love all the collections that have been shared lately on the collective!
What beautiful pieces!  Almost too much prettiness.
But not quite.


  1. I was visiting my aunt in Cincinnati so I visited the Duck Creek Antique Mall and the Grand Antique Mall (I'm pretty sure that's what they were called!)

  2. I love the Designs pieces; I kind of wish there was more.