Saturday, September 10, 2011

My new found love of Friendship

I had to make a trip up to Olympia today to meet up with the ex and get some of my daughters things.  While in town my husband and I decided to hit up the big Antique Mall in hopes of seeing something new or find a good deal.  (hey... it could happen! ha ha) 

We made it to the shop about 30 min before they closed.  They had a lot of pyrex in the place. Most of it was way overpriced and half of it was not in mint condition or even close to a decent asking price for something in that type of shape.  Silly vendors.. no one wants to pay top dollar for damaged pyrex! Just because it is pyrex doesn't mean that it is automatically valuable.  Us pyrex collectors know what we're looking for!!!

So... low and behold we turn a corner after being hit by inflated prices and my husband see's tucked into a corner this wonderful 11x15 (I think.. it's larger than a 9x13) Friendship baking dish.  It was love at first sight.  This was the first one I saw.  Even marked at $18 I knew it would be mine and will stay in my personal collection.  Several booths over I see a second one and it was marked at $26.95... way too much for my wallet.

Isn't it a beauty!!

After gathering this treasure we wander for a bit more and I come across the 4 qt Red Cinderella in almost mint condition.  This baby also made it home with me and is going into my own personal collection.  I paid more than I would normally have, but I don't think I'm going to find a red pyrex 4 qt cinderella in a GW, VV or any other thrift for a long long time.  So... I bought it.

On the drive home I jokingly, but half seriously said to my husband.... "I wonder if there is a GW close by".  He pulls out the GPS for me and there is one on the way... 7 mins from where we are.  I so love my husband!  :) 

The GW was really dingy and run down... but what do I find?  and for $3.99!! A 1959 Compass Snack Server!! Hot digity!!

Ok... I'm done.  I just had to share!  I think I'm beside myself with pyrex giddiness today...


  1. These are some great pieces! I also recently found the Friendship lasagna pan and I love it! That red bowl is nice too; Friendship is hard to come by.

  2. congrats!

    You know that red bowl is a FRIENDSHIP bowl, right???

  3. Nice finds! Friendship is one of my favorite patterns. Just recently I found the Friendship large baking dish, and I was beside myself!! I love your Compass snack server too!! You have a right to be giddy!! :)

  4. Thanks! and @sandra...oh yes! I knew that! :)

    My favs in order:
    Turquoise - butterprint, snowflake, snowflake blue
    Pink - Gooseberry, daisy, butterprint
    Friendship and any red
    Butterfly Gold
    Any black/white combo

  5. Oh my goodness, I think I would have taken then $26 one too :) I have only seen one Friendship in real life and it's not in perfect condition, but it lives at my house! That pattern is by afr my favorite- I can hardly believe you saw 2 on the same day! WOW- and such an AWESOME size!! Congrats! And the other things are just perfect too! What a fabulous day!