Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pyrex Love - from a crafty scientist

Hello fellow Pyrex lovers! My name is Kate and I'm from scientific culture! When I'm not spending my spare time making cute science crafts you can find me scavenging the thrift shops of British Columbia in search for pre-loved pyrex dishes to warmly welcome into my heart (and new home)! Although I have a plethora of hobbies and collections already, I find Pyrex hunting extra exciting! I am still fairly new to the world of Pyrex but I'd love to share you my collection so far - let's take a peek:

When I saw this little dish sitting in one of my favourite thrift shops in Kamloops, I knew it was destine to come home with me! I love the Autumn Harvest print and the bright pop of colour and $1 price tag was too much to pass up! Let the collection begin!

My good pal (and fellow Pyrex lover) Alanna spotted a pair of these dishes when we were shopping one day and I was thrilled to get it and double the size of my collection! Plus who can say no to charming butterflies and flower print? Yay!

Once again my collection doubled when my best friend Lindsay was kind enough to score me two more Autumn Harvest pieces for my 27th bday (what a great gal she is!).

Before I moved to Victoria at the end of August I decided to do one more thrift shop in Kamloops as a fond farewell. My mom was lovely enough to join me on this hunt and boy was I ever pleased to have spotted this darling pink mixing bowl! I am still swooning over the girly colour and even though I am far from finished unpacking my new place, I assure you this Pyrex dish is the perfect addition to our ultra masculine apartment. I'm not totally sure my boyfriend Fraser truly appreciates our new apple dish, but I figure since I brought the majority of the kitchen stuff with me when we moved in together (in fact, I believe he just brought a cheese grater and a bowl) the kitchen decor can be my domain.

I am so pleased to participate in the pyrex collective blog - and although I lead a busy life working, crafting, and blogging daily, I can't wait to start searching through the (new to me) second hand shops of Victoria to build my pyrex collection and come back here to share it with all of you!

hugs and kittens,



  1. Welcome to the world of Pyrex collecting. Be's seriously addicting! Lucky you to have found that pink at a thrift store. That's a hard color to find - especially in such good condition and at a thrifting price!

  2. You were sooo lucky to find that pink bowl!! And yes, this Pyrex collecting (Pyrexia) is very addicting!! :) Good luck on finding lots more!