Thursday, September 22, 2011

My name is Ashley, and I'm in love with Pyrex.

"Hiiiiii Ashley."

I won't say I'm addicted - not yet. I've only been collecting for the past month, but I'm already into double digits. This is my first post on the Pyrex Collective 2, and I'm thrilled to be here.

The first piece in my collection was purchased at an antique mall, and I way over paid. But, it's brilliant colour and fun pattern on the lid is what kick started my interest into these vintage goodies.

 Blue Horizon 045 2 1/2 Qt oval casserole

I almost passed over my second piece, but ended up purchasing it for significantly less at GoodWill in the closest city.

 JAJ 509 Made in England

Does anyone know the name of this pattern?

I have a ton more pieces, including my favourite - a lidless primary yellow fridgie that is perfect for eating goldfish crackers or other snackies.


  1. Fridgies are the best for snackies!

    Happy collecting :) come visit

  2. I passed up that first dish you have then went back to buy it but alas it was gone. :(

  3. Love the horizon, and LOVE the English piece. OMG.

  4. Hi, I'm in England, I believe the pattern is called Matchmaker, its one of the most common designs here I think.

  5. I originally left without the Blue Horizon casserole. I went back the next day to get it, and couldn't find it and I was totally bummed. But then I went down an aisle that I was certain was wrong, and there it was! I snatched it up and held on tight. :)

    Tonya - THANK YOU for that information!

    --Ashley (I can't get Blogger to let me comment!)

  6. Welcome!
    Love these pieces. I can't get enough of the Horizon.

    Ashley - I had the same problem trying to comment and changed by browser to Google Chrome and it worked. Hope it's something small like that.

  7. Blogger posting problems - uncheck the box to stay logged in. Fixed my problem :)