Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekend Haul

After going to a monthly flea market that was a major bust, I was bummed out. Luckily, Jim encouraged me to look for more shops along the hour drive home. He was right.

This was the weekend haul:
Ready to be washed!

Two of our major scores:
36 pieces for $30!
JAJ Chelsea Dinnerware

Full set for $25. Amazing! I was thinking of paying $85 for a less quality set, a few days ago.

Yellow Butterprint Set

With our thrifting plus my trades, I had a huge addition to my collection. And several pieces to trade.

What did you find this weekend?

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  1. oh wow, you got more this weekend than i have in my whole collection! lol beautiful finds.

  2. is that yellow butterprint?!! nice haul, my dear!

    my weekend efforts only turned up two 043s, charcoal with white snowflakes and an old orchard, both of which i already owned (did i really buy doubles??) and a green square flowers 503 from an estate sale. not that i'm complaining. also, i saw your post with the mis-handled box. i think that there is some place, maybe on flickr, called the pyrex graveyard that you can post that pic on. :)

  3. Well done finding the full set of Orange Butterprint! You always find a ridiculous amount of Pyrex. It's impressive.

  4. I wish butterprint was more available in this area. The Antique stores have limited amounts as well. I am so in love with your yellow ultimate wish to find pink butterprint!!

    Great finds for you! What a haul!!

  5. Oh goodness! I just looked up the Pyrex Graveyard on Flickr. SAD SAD SAD! My son just walked in the room and said " look like you're gonna cry!". Be brave when looking... very brave!

  6. Wow, Orange Butterprint...very nice!! What a haul!!! I'm impressed! :)