Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First time post, many times have visited the site to drool and wistfully dream over the lovely pyrex visions. My friends like to tease me about my "pyrexia"- however, I knew ya'll would understand!

I went to check out a yard sale that boasted vintage pyrex. It was a major score. 3 mint fridgies with lids in perfect condition. The lime pie plate was also a deal. All 4 pieces were $24, a bit higher than my usual thrift scores, but the prime condition was worth waiting for!

Here is my question, how do you bring a husband on board with your "pyerxia"?

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  1. My husband loves to hunt Pyrex with me; he especially likes blue/turquoise pieces. I am often the one to put on the brakes and encourage him to put something back if it is too expensive or not in nice enough condition! He also likes antique furniture and old books so that's how I initially got him to come with me.

    If you can get your husband to shop with you once or twice you will be halfway there. He will either catch the fever with you or he won't. Good luck!