Friday, September 23, 2011

Pretty Pyrex

I found bright orange beauty in an op shop when I was on a short holiday on the coast. It has 'Crown' (with  pic of a crown) on the base. I am pretty sure that I have seen this marking with Pyrex on it as well. Does anyone know if  'Crown' make Pyrex (I am in Australia).  Groovy colour don't you think?! It does have a couple of chips to the paint (one that was under the price tag - grrr). Paid $2.50.

I have a new lap top and don't have any photo editing software on it yet so I apologise for the dish that is in the distance. Lol. My good ole Mum found this one for me sans lid. $3 Agee Pyrex.

I love this Agee Pyrex casserole dish that I found recently for $5. Seems that it would bit pricey overseas but an good price here. You guys find things so cheap! I have seen the bases for these selling for $20 in a junk shop - you have to be kidding me!!  Such a pretty colour. The lid is a bit slippery on it because it doesn't have a lip on the base for it to sit (it's smooth). The inside in clear glass which looks great but doesn't seem to wear well (see pic below).  I found this in a fantastic op shop that my sister took my to. They had so many fantastic things that I  almost couldn't contain myself when I walked in, am itching to get back there soon.

If the interior was white glass you wouldn't even notice the bottom.

Happy Pyrexing from Hello Vintage


  1. I love the shape of the little orange one, great finds!

  2. The orange is great for Fall here in the states! ♥