Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Growing Collection

I've been having dreams of Pyrex hunting lately, but very little thrifting in the last few weeks, so imagine my delight when I went to the busiest Goodwill in Denver today {at NOON, no less, I never score decent Pyrex after 10am, it seems} only to find a 3-piece set of the primary mixing bowls {only the red was missing - I paid $20} *and* a beautiful turquoise 024 with the lid {$6}!
I already owned a yellow 404{also in great condition} and I would always eye it when I passed by it in my kitchen and think about how *some*day I would add the rest of the bowls to the set. 

So now all I need is the red! And I can sell or trade the other yellow 404...?

I thought I'd share some of my more recent Pyrex acquisitions - above are my most recent turquoise finds. The 024 on the bottom right is what I scored this morning at the busy Goodwill. I was absolutely thrilled!

Here come "The Threes":
The three gravy boats I've recently acquired. 

The three butter dishes. 

And three new prints of fridgies: Butterfly Gold {2}, Pink Gooseberry {2}, and a Butterprint {1}. I need more fridgies!

I was delighted to find one of the Gooseberry fridgies with an old-style lid. 

Above are my recent Butterfly Gold finds - as you can see, there has been a flood of BG here in Denver lately!

I really like the "swag" style Butterfly Gold, as seen on the casserole on the right.

And I know this isn't BG, but it matches. My first "American" bowl.
And here's my recent "reds". I don't decorate much with red but I can't help but love it on Pyrex. The casserole is dishwasher damaged and faded, but the lid was so gorgeous I snatched it up anyway. 
Above is "Festive Harvest". I had never seen this print before finding it in a thrift store recently. I like the peach on brown.
Finally - a Gemco server set. Yes, it's not Pyrex, but you all will recognize the print. I had never seen this server set before today, picked it up for $3.
I'm usually a Pyrex Purist, I rarely buy Fire King, Glasbake, etc. But I couldn't help myself from this jadite spouted mixing bowl {$10, with a small chip} and small delphite bowl {$3}. Both are Fire King.
Here are {most of} my favorite Pyrex finds on display in  my dining room. I recently revamped my display to show off my most prized Pyrex pieces of my collection. I love showcasing them on my grandmother's Ethan Allan hutch from the 1950s, which I painted pale green a few years ago. 

Throwing them all together like this has made me realize how large my collection has become since I started collecting in May! I have some more in the kitchen, mostly Spring Blossom, Town & Country, Woodland, Autumn Harvest, and Early American. When I first started collecting I said I'd never trade - now I understand why so many of you do!

Thanks for looking at my collection :)

Heather @ Lark & Lola


  1. You found all these fantastic pieces since May? Impressive! I really like your hutch, the green is a perfect colour to display your Pyrex. Lovely!

  2. Oh my, what a lovely collection you have! I love your grandmother's hutch too; it's perfect for Pyrex!

    What are those pretty bowls stacked on top of the vintage scale in the corner of some of your pics?

  3. That's a lot of real nice Pyrex!!!

  4. @ De tout, de rien - Yes I sort of went crazy those first couple months and would visit multiple thrift stores every other day or so. Luckily the "fever" has calmed down!

    @ Kathy - those are latte bowls from Anthropologie :) I sort of have a thing for those too.

    @ Jill - thanks! I love it. :)

  5. Great finds! I rarely get that lucky at thrift stores. The display in the hutch is great. I also have a Corning piece in that Gemco pattern-I think it's the Corning take on Pyrex Friendship.

  6. Wow, you've amassed some great pieces of Pyrex since May!! I love your hutch, and it really showcases the Pyrex!!