Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Display: Gooseberry and Butterprint

Recently I cleared the space over the kitchen desk area to display my favorite Pyrex.

This shelf used to hold cookbooks, but I think this is a much prettier use of the space. I wish all my kitchen cabinets had this shelf area above them!

We have quite a few different patterns in Pyrex but if I had to choose, Butterprint and Gooseberry are my absolute favorites. Don’t they look lovely together? Butterprint is fairly common around here; Gooseberry not so much. We thrifted a lot of these, but we also got several at antique malls, etc. I don’t mind paying a little more for my favorites.


  1. Your display looks amazing! I wish butterprint pieces were easier to find around here!

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  3. Beautiful!! I have my pinks and turquoises displayed together too! Finding Gooseberry and Butterprint around here is very difficult!

  4. It's almost impossible to find butterprint around here, let alone anything but blue butterprint. I have yet to find it in any other color in any store (antique or thrift) around here. It's like it just isn't here. I keep searching.

    Love your display! Blue and Pink are my favs!