Monday, September 12, 2011

Minty Snowflakes

My friend who works at an antique mall snagged this 043 casserole for me Saturday! It's such a perfect size for appetizers or two person dinners. I'm excited. I've been needing another oval casserole for a while so I'm stoked. It's in PERFECT condition.

I also picked up this awesome Pyrex ad. I want a set of turquoise bowls so bad! I'm going to frame it and put it up in my kitchen.

I rearranged my kitchen yesterday. To see my updated Pyrex and Fire King display, check out my blog. I can't wait to put up the new Pyrex ad!

Hope everyone else had some good Pyrex finds this weekend!


  1. Very nice! The Snowflake pattern is one of my favourites. Glad to hear you found this, as well as the ad. I'm an admirer of the vintage ads and we have them in some of our 1950s magazines at the cottage, but none of them unfortunately, are full-page ads, large enough to frame.


  2. Love the snowflake dishes and the vintage ad too. Is there a date on the ad?
    I checked out your blog too; nice displays!

    Love your cats too. Very cute! Bravo for not letting them out alone; they are much safer because of it. I have never tried leashes on my cats; I don't want them to get used to the outside!

  3. Love that ad! And full page- very cool. Love the casserole too! :)

  4. Great snowflakes! And I love the ad. I'd love to find some to go along with my pieces.

  5. oh i love the ad!! i'd do the exact same thing with it.

  6. What great finds! I love the snowflake pattern too!