Monday, May 30, 2011

Using Pyrex makes me feel like a Domestic Goddess!

There's something magical about vintage all other aspects of home decor, I prefer sleek and stylish items - but when it comes to kitchenware, I can't resist accumulating and using coloured pyrex. They remind me of comfort food - so homey and satisfying. You feel cheerful as you prepare meals in them - and they can take rough use and keep on ticking!
Here's my closet full of pyrex (most of my collection is pictured here)
I have a weakness for the mixing bowls - especially the 401 and 402 sizes. The 401 is perfect for making ramen or porridge in the microwave (deep enough not to spill over), while the 402 works great for salad.
Ultimately, I'd like to focus on collecting only blue and pink pyrex, but I still find it hard to leave any pretty pyrex behind - I'm sure a lot of you feel the same way! I'm glad to have joined this group - I'm hoping it will help me focus my collection.


  1. I completely agree! I'm finding that a recipe isn't complete until I find the right bowl to mix it in an casserole to bake and serve it. :)

    I love the 440 'cinderella' mixing bowls the best.

  2. Yes - the right bowl is key - I only have two 401s, and they are in high demand, so I'm going to have to find one for each member of the family LOL!