Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Not so lucky 7

Seven is the number of thrift stores that I visited today. And you know how much Pyrex I brought home? Zero...  I only found one bowl that was in decent condition - Horizon Blue Cinderella bowl at VV for $6 - but I don't collect that pattern so I left it for someone else.
Many stores had no Pyrex or vintage goodies of any kind, and some had dishwasher survivors that lost all their shine.
I've had a bit of vintage luck lately, and scored my first Dansk piece and some super-cool mid-century books, but I fear I am in the midst of a Pyrex drought...  The only thing that's getting me through is seeing everyone's finds on here. Keep 'em coming!


  1. Which horizon and at which store?! I'm looking for the 442 and 444 horizon!

  2. And I'm sorry you haven't found any good Pyrex recently but I'm sure you'll find some soon. Sending you good Pyrex vibes! :)

  3. Went to a thrift last night and struck out on Pyrex as well. It happens.

    But way to go on the Dansk!! Haven't found any of that yet myself. Just some flatware awhile back which sold for a pretty penny. :)

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    See you soon, kisses!

  5. Sending good Pyrex vibes your way!! Hope you find some soon.