Friday, May 27, 2011

Other Pyrex Goodies

I also picked up these Pyrex items this past week.

Two Federal Eagle mugs .50 cents each, one Summer Impressions mug .50 cents, a pristine Spring Blossoms I fridgie, complete with lid, for $1.00 and a Butterprint bowl, no lid, for $1.50.

All at the Goodwill, NO 50% sale.  I've had some really good luck at the Goodwill stores lately.


  1. I am a fellow pyrex lover and collector!! I cant believe the cheap prices you found these things at!!! I would like to follow your blogs but the follow button seems to have disappeared... i will try again later.


  2. You have been lucky!! I really like the Spring Blossom fridgie, and for $1.00...WOW!! And, the Butterprint for $1.50?!?! I wish I could be so lucky!

  3. all the pieces...but those eagle mugs are killing!

  4. You really have been lucky! Those prices are GW sells lids for more!