Monday, May 23, 2011

It's a Pyrex kind of Week

Last week was a Pyrex kind of week for me at the thrifts. I didn't find anything absolutely fabulously but I did find some good things at good prices.

I got this great Americana divided dish for $2.00 at the Rescue Mission.

Bottom Butterfly Gold small casserole for 1.99 at Salvation Army.
402 Bowl was .55 at GW (sometimes there bowls are as high as $10.01) so this was a steal. 

These mugs are my favorite find of the weekend. I only needed 1 for my purposes but the man selling them would only sell the 4 for 1 price. If anyone wants the others let me know. Seller said he had plates somewhere so I may check the flea market again next Saturday since he's always set up there.

I blogged about these finds and others here.


  1. Those are sooooo cool. I just learned last week that ponderosa dishes were made by now that's been my newest hunt now...ponderosa plates and mugs!

  2. Kristi...I am interested in the Ponderosa mugs...give me a shout!