Saturday, May 14, 2011

Two-day Pyrex Haul

It's been quite the Pyrex haul the last couple of days around these parts. Of course, despite hitting up multiple garage sales (there's been city-wide ones the past couple of weekends) I've had the best luck at the thrift stores. These Daisy cinderella casseroles (471 and 473) were found at a thrift with the one opaque lid for $3.

I couldn't pass up this vintage Anchor Hocking juice carafe that appears to match the Daisy perfectly ... all it's stripes are in perfect condition and it has the original plastic lid! Only $1 at the same thrift.

And also there was this rather sad looking little Woodland Fridgie 501 with lid for 75 cents. It had some strange white stuff covering it... that soap and water wouldn't remove. This is the before... the after is super shiny - Magic Eraser did the trick!

These two white beauties are my garage sale finds ... an Pyrex-stamped Hamilton Beach mixing bowl (super heavy and large!) for a quarter, and an Anchor Hocking loaf pan with a pretty (but unknown) blue floral pattern for $1.

Then yesterday, I found these primary yellow pieces! The top is the largest bowl in the primary set (404) and looks like it has never been used! It was $2.50 at a different thrift store. And below it is my other yellow find ... a 503 refrigerator dish that has seen PLENTY of use! With the lid, it was only $3, so it was hard to pass up. I did scrub it up good after this picture and it's pretty much without shine, but much cleaner!

I had passed up this same 043 oval casserole in Golden Acorn earlier in the day at a different thrift store as it wasn't in great condition and was $3. Apparently the Pyrex karma gods thought I should have this piece because it was at the next store, in great condition and marked only $2. So, I snatched it up!

And finally, I found this wonderful, pristine condition 8-inch lime green round cake pan for $2. The color looks a little funky in this shot, but I assure you, it's solid throughout without any sign of wear! There is nothing I love more than shiny Pyrex!

So, what have you been finding lately? Anyone having ANY luck at garage sales? It seems I've been striking out no matter how many I hit (and I've been at roughly 40 over the last two weekends).


  1. Wow I am so in awe of your Pyrex finds! Good prices also. The white stuff covering your fridgie is what happens when Pyrex is put in the dishwasher...awful, but magic eraser does a good job and yours looks pretty good. I have a red one that is still awful but better then the before.

  2. Wow!! Lovely collections! I strike out at garage sales for some reason too :( Thrift stores are my best option at the moment also- you're not alone! Love your pieces!!

  3. Great finds! I love the Daisy casseroles especially, but I have a thing for yellow.

  4. U found some wonderful items.. lucky you.. I found some amazing things too.. found a complete refrigerator set today, see here,

  5. Nice finds!! That blue flower pattern looks like corning's signature cornflower blue.