Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Butterfly Gold Gravy Boat

My good friends of the record blog Vinyl Whores have finally decided to take the plunge and start collecting Pyrex. While we were at Brimfield there were a couple of Pyrex vendors so they were able to have a good look at a lot of patterns in one place. They settled on Butterfly Gold, an excellent choice. Lo and behold the next day at a Goodwill in Hyannis they found a set of three casseroles with the lids. Done and done!

Now I get to live vicariously by helping them with their hunt. Just as they would hunt for Spring Blossom for me. This weekend I found the gravy boat at our local Teen Challenge:

At first it was just the boat and I looked high and low for the saucer. No luck, so I went and looked at other things. I find when you're really trying to find a piece in a thrift it's best to just leave, look at something else entirely, then come back with fresh eyes. (It is very easy to get googly eyed in a thrift store.)  Sure enough in the corner of the shelves, on the bottom, on top of some random platters was the saucer. Oh and did I mention there was no price on either? I took them up to the register and they sold them to me for $3. 

Be sure to swing by my blog Vintage Spinster today. I have a DIY Tutorial about getting the baked-on grime off of this Golden Acorn casserole.


  1. Oooh- nice find- I have the Butterfly Gravy boat, but no saucer. I think I've found orphaned saucers in every pattern but Butterfly Gold!

  2. The DIY tutorial was very helpful - I need to get some Bar Keepers friend, my Pyrex cleaner is just not strong enough to get all the dark marks on my mixing bowls.

    Would love to see more of your cleaning tips!

  3. Nice....I have a Spring Blossom gravy boat and saucer. I'd love to find a Butterfly Gold one!!

  4. Nice! I finally got my BG gravy boat & plate. I am obsessed w/this pattern.