Monday, May 16, 2011

Dream vs. Reality

Dream Pyrex:
So, I was browsing flickr the other day and I found some REALLY unique pyrex pieces here and here that EVERYONE should see. Pyrex jewelry and cell phone accessories? Don't mind if I do!

Reality Pyrex:
Took a break from two very stressful weeks (which are not yet over) and found these two awesome pieces today: A Spring Blossom 441 cinderella bowl ($3) and a Town and Country 1 qt dish from the Bake, Serve, and Store set WITH lid($6)! Definitely helped take the stress level down a notch.

Hope everyone's had a great start to the week!

Recipe Puppy


  1. That little Spring Blossom bowl is so cute!

  2. Thanks for sharing the pics of the earrings and phone case - I love them and need to get them!

  3. Hope your stressful weeks will soon be over with. After they are, you can celebrate by going out a buying more Pyrex, lol!! :) I love the earrings, might have to get me some of them ;)!! Nice finds, especially the Spring Blossom!