Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Spending a Birthday Searching for Pyrex

and not even my birthday.

All our thrift stores nearby have caught on and are pricing Pyrex way TOO HIGH! We don't have 50% off Goodwill days either. And the gas prices don't make it easy to randomly search for far away stores.

Over the weekend, my hubby graciously agreed to spend his birthday at an auction just for Pyrex. Yes, he's a keeper. I went home with almost everything. I spent a little too much on some pieces and got some great deals on others. I hate to let some Butterfly Gold pieces go to a higher bidder. I was sad to let it go but I know I will have another chance.

I got 3 sets of nested bowls and more. I even got my divided Barbed Wire dish! This one has been high on my list. I also won the Golden Grapes dip bowl to go with the chip bowl I got two weeks ago. I love when things come together. Don't worry, we celebrated my hubby's birthday the next day.

Check out my wins!


  1. auctions? so fabulous! where do these pyrex auctions exist?? :)

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  3. Nice! I've never seen a barbed wire print, what a good find. AND a good husband ;-)

  4. Leslie -- Sorry for the way I worded it. I meant we went to the auction for the sole purpose of getting Pyrex, but they had other items. It was an auction house that happened to have alot of pyrex that particular night. They normally do estate sales/auctions. If you look up auctionzip and search by your area--you will find a schedule of auctions. This schedule only features auctioneers that have paid for this service. I am not sure if it was due to the holiday, but it was not crowded at all and things went very cheap. The only thing I paid a little too much for was the Autumn Harvest. Someone else really wanted it too. But the other items, I had few people bid against me and at time, no one at all.

    Heather- I saw it on Pyrex Love and have wanted it every since. I was thrilled to find it. And thanks--he is a good man who is very supportive (for now!) about my addiction : )