Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hello Everyone and Some Pretty Pyrex Finds

Just wanted to introduce myself and say thanks for letting me join THE COLLECTIVE. Sounds pretty serious. And a bit like something I could put on a resume. If I ever needed a reselling/thrifting resume.

Anyway, I'm Shannon, aka the Recycleista. I LOVE thrifting. I mostly do it for resale to help pay the bills..but of course I'm not averse to keeping a few things here and there. Ok..more than a few things. I went shopping in a MALL the other day and it was so bizarre.

Pyrex. I have a very small collection at the moment. I had a nice Spring Blossom/Crazy Daisy collection in the past, but when I moved cross country (the second time) I decided to let it go. I am now on the hunt for Turquoise! A bit harder to find thriftily, I'm discovering.

This past Friday was 40% off day at Goodwill and I scored this Square Flower bowl (sorry, haven't learned the numbers yet) with cradle!! It was about $3 after the discount. Coming soon to an Etsy store near you. Do you think I should keep the cradle?

Then I waited long enough and they brought some more stuff out! Found this Pink Daisy open baker. Sweet! Makes me think that with a name like that...there was no lid originally? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
I already have a divided casserole with lid in Pink Daisy but I think they will both be up for sale soon. I was debating between collecting pink or turquoise. Turquoise won...but I want red accents in my kitchen (long story, but my kitchen is currently non-existant so it's all theoretical). So I will probably sell the pink in order to buy some turquoise.

Then lastly, I found this cute little Old Town bowl with lid. According to Replacements, it's a sugar bowl with glass lid. And I thought it was for jam. Silly me. Also soon for sale.

So that's it. My long intro post. But it was the most Pyrex I've found in awhile, so I wanted to share. Maybe next I'll share the very humble turquoise collection I've managed to scrape together. Can't wait to drool rejoice over all of your finds!!


  1. I would keep the cradle as they seem to be hard to come by and I do not believe that the one you have came with that bowl. The pink daisy is a space saver casserole that came with a glass lid and in the 1 1/4 and 2 qt. sizes. You could also sometimes get a cradle and aluminum lids for freezing. I collect pink and turquoise with a little of some other colours thrown in (red, cream, yellow-from primary, and delphite). Happy collecting!

  2. Thanks for the info! I wondered about the cradle and whether it matched the piece. I read somewhere else where someone called the pink daisy piece an open baker...but mine must be a different size. Makes sense it's a space saver...it's super shallow.

  3. Great scores! Love finding good stuff on discount days :)

  4. Nice finds!! I really like the Pink Daisy! And,I would definitely keep the cradle....never know when you might find the bowl that it goes with.

  5. How will I know what is supposed to go with the cradle?

  6. You found some amazing Pyrex.. lucky girl.. I need more pink and turquoise.. I want my cupboards full of color! hugs xo happy to hv u here with us!

  7. What is the name of your Etsy shop? Great finds!

    --Erin {erinink.etsy.com}

  8. Wasn't sure if i should link to the Etsy store..i almost did. ;)

    My blog has links too, to all my Etsy stores. Call me crazy but I have 3. :)

  9. Clues to what goes with the stand can sometimes be found on PyrexLove or Flickr:
    http://www.flickr.com/photos/xoxoblythe/448059455/in/set-72157600041763934 shows a the stand with a promo pattern bowl. The ads and insert booklets show lots of info. Keep your eyes open; you have already spotted some good ones!

  10. Yes, the square flower bowl came with that cradle. The bowl also had a lid that comes with it. I found the entire minty set at a thrift store for $10 last year. I recommend keeping the whole thing.

  11. Hi, You wouldn't believe this but I am based in Hong Kong!

    A friend moved house and was throwing out stuff. I got a Pink Daisy exactly like yours with a lid! Unfortunately, it cracked tonight when I foolishly set it on our cold marble counter top. :-(