Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pink Brownie Dish

Pink Pyrex
After months of a drought (I couldn't find old Pyrex ANYWHERE - not at a flea market, not at Goodwill, not at thrift stores, not at garage sales), I came upon a cute pink brownie pan at an estate sale. I actually came upon a matching pink cinderella but another woman really wanted it so I relinquished it to her. I'm too nice. Sigh. I posted all about the estate sale on my blog if you have any interest in reading about it. :>


  1. Oooo nice, a pink Desert Dawn!! I just found a the rectagular version a few weeks ago!! Great find!

  2. I love this baking dish. I have only a couple of colored Pyrex baking dishes and I use them all the time. You were so nice to let the other lady have the cinderella bowl!

  3. I would give up more than one cinderella dish to find/get one of these. Great score!