Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pyrexia: Square Flower Verde

Pyrex is so pretty! It is also incredibly useful, easy, and fun to collect. I'm not sure how my obession started but its gotten quite strong in the last year. I thought it'd be fun to share a bit of my collection from time to time.

This was my first set. It was actually a birthday gift from Patty. We went apple picking in North Georgia and found this set at an antique store along the way. The print is called Square Flower Verde. According to Pyrex Love's database this pattern is also known as Dutch Clover, Green Flower, Avocado, or even Pennsylvania! I'm still not sure if this Cinderella set is completely original.

Later Brian's mom gave me this 4-quart casserole. So my entire collection began with Square Flower.

How about you guys? What do you collect? Did you grow up with Pyrex or do you use it?


  1. my first dish was that very same square daisy casserole dish! my next purchase was turquoise butterprint.
    for a while i was collecting all blues and greens, but i love the blues a whole lot more so i am trading away my green dishes now.

  2. I really don't recall my mom having a lot of Pyrex...not the pretty kind anyway. But when I got married to my first hubby (35 yrs ago), I received quiet a few sets of it. Over the years I got tired of it and got rid of it (stupid me). I started collecting it almost two years ago, and it all started with a red Pyrex Hostess dish. I also collect vintage kitchen items, and other vintage items that catch my fancy!

  3. Nothing prettier than a pyramid of the pieces!

  4. I started collecting Pyrex last Sept - my collection started with pieces that my mother had - Big Yellow bowl(I've since completed the original set), 3 Colonial Mist bowls and a set of 3 mini Autumn Harvest bake and serve casseroles - after that, it was all about hunting down the many great pieces! I love to use it - doesn't everything taste better in Pyrex and it surely looks better!

  5. I started collecting last fall, when I found a partial set of Butterprint cinderella mixing bowls at a thrift store. I already collect vintage Corningware and misc kitchenware.

    I grew up with Butterprint bowls (and I'm pretty sure some fridgies or a butter dish). My mom still has hers, and even though they have been dishwasher abused they still do the job.

    I love Pyrex because it combines form and function. I don't bring pretty things into my tiny house unless they can serve a purpose.

  6. you've taken REALLY pretty pictures!

  7. I, too, am collecting Square Flower. It's the pattern that has adopted me :)