Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hello, Pyrex Collective

Hello, Pyrex Collective!

I'm new to posting here, but I've been collecting Pyrex for nearly 10 years now. However, I clearly collect at a MUCH slower rate than some of you, judging by the pictures and posts.

I love the colors and patterns of vintage Pyrex- it seems very optimistic to me. It brings a sense of care and importance to the food that is prepared in it. But I also love collecting vintage Pyrex for all of the adventures it's led me to (roadtrips!) and some of the interesting people I've met. Most of the pieces I have, have a good story behind them.

To start with, meet my Spring Blossom Green Cinderella Bowls:
The 442 is the bowl that started it all for me. I had just graduated from graduate school and moved to northern Virginia with a Toyota Tercel full of all my worldly possessions. If any of you have owned a Tercel, you know this means I didn't have much- it's a small car. So when I moved into my shared townhouse, I needed a lot of household items.

I did as I had done in graduate school and headed to the local Goodwill to pick out some plates, silverware, and assorted small furniture items. And right there, in the housewares section, sat the Spring Blossom Green 442. For $3 it came home with me and initially held fruit, but soon became my go-to kitchen bowl.

Shortly after that, I found some Butterprint fridgies, and it's been all downhill since then! It took several years to complete the set of Spring Blossom Green- the 443 and 444 were found together at a local thrift store a few years ago, and the 441 was found in a off-the-beaten-path antiques market over Valentine's Day weekend this year (Pyrex hunting roadtrip= the ultimate in romantic weekends!!).

The haul from our Valentine's Day weekend roadtrip. Unfortunately, I broke the carafe while washing when we got home.

More stories and pictures to come- I'm looking forward to sharing Pyrex adventures with ya'll!


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  1. What a great post! I look forward to seeing more of your collection :)