Saturday, May 21, 2011

newbie saying hello!

This is my first posting on Pyrex Collective. I have been collecting pyrex for about a year now. I really can't remember how it started, but it's really gotten addicting:) At least once a week I go around to the local thrift stores and head straight to the kitchen section, looking for even one little piece. When I first started I was buying everything that said pyrex on the bottom, but now I've started to focus more on pieces from the 50's and 60's.

Here are some pictures of my finds from this weekend and last weekend.

A pink 4 qt and the large pineapple party bowl.

The delphite grapes chip and dip.

And finally the medallion bowl.

Looking forward to sharing my finds with you and drooling over yours:)



  1. Very nice finds! I like the pineapple bowl especially.

  2. wow!!! beautimous! I heart the pink and pineapple bowls- so perfect together! :)

  3. welcome! and congrats on your recent acquisitions. that pineapple bowl is such a mystery to me. i picked up a 401 bowl in that pattern a while back and just couldn't figure out the strange coloring. it really makes sense when you see the set together. if i can't find any more, maybe we can do a trade and i can get it to you.

    leslie :) and petey ...woof!

  4. You have some lovely and hard to find pieces :) I tried to focus on 50s and 60s too, but Friendship was calling my name too loud :)

  5. Beautiful! I love the pink but the medallion bowl is gorgeous too! Great finds.

  6. You have some lovely pieces! I have mostly collected Spring Blossom but have such a mixed variety of other patterns...can't decide on any one decade. Glad you are sharing your passion for Pyrex here!

  7. You have some very nice pieces!! I especially love the pineapple bowl!! Congrats on your recent finds! Look forward to seeing more! :)