Friday, May 27, 2011

My 1st Pyrex Post

Hello fellow Pyrex hoarders collectors!  This is my very first post on the Pyrex Collective II.  I'm excited to share some Pyrex purchases I made yesterday and today.

I picked up this orange lidless fridgie and the woodland squat pitcher for .50 cents each, at our local Goodwill store.  But wait. . . it was 50% off glassware, so finale cost was .50 cents TOTAL!

Here's another 50% off Goodwill purchase.  A small Shenandoah bowl for $2.00 and a medium Shenandoah bowl for $3.00.  After the 50% discount, my total was $2.50 for the pair!

Another Goodwill purchase on 50% off glassware.  This lovely divided golden acorn dish w/ lid, was marked $1.50.  After the discount, my total was $.75 cents.  Can you believe that?!?!

It was in REALLY great shape, too!  For .75 cents!!!!!

I picked up this old orchard casserole dish, minus the lid, for $6.50 at The Salvation Army.  I saw one listed on eBay, with the lid, for $39.95.  I think I did good and will hunt down the lid for it.

It had NO damage and was in perfect condition.  I love it.

This is my favorite Pyrex score of the week, though.  A set of Homestead bowls with their lids, purchased at a garage sale for just $5.00!!!!

In my excitement, I didn't realize the medium bowl handle had a pretty nasty chip in it.  I'll have to find another, without a chip, to replace it.  But I was still REALLY excited about the price for this set.

Well, that does it for my very first Pyrex Collective II post.

I can't wait to hit some more garage sales and Goodwills in search of good deals on great Pyrex!


  1. I just realized, the oval golden acorn divided casserole dish has the wrong lid. Oh well, still a good deal at just .75 cents. I'll just have to watch for a cheap divided lid to go with it now.

  2. Great deals - it makes you feel so good!!!!

  3. Thank you! Yes, it does feel good! :-) I just visited your blog and am your newest follower! Love all your wonderful treasures.

  4. What amazing prices on all your wonderful finds!! I'm sooooooo jealous! I love all your recent finds!

  5. These pieces are all wonderful! Nice finds!!!

  6. Finding 1/2 price Pyrex is the best! Love the fridgie and the golden acorn. Funny story, I recently found a golden acorn mismatched with a divided lid...I would totally swap lids with you if we lived close (but I'm in Canada). Good luck on finding your divided lid (and I hope I find the non-divided lid) :)

  7. I'm happy to report back! I found the Pyrex divided lid that I needed for the divided casserole, pictured above. I got it at a garage sale today, for .25 cents. No chips! YEAH!!!!

  8. That's awesome!! Congrats :)