Monday, May 9, 2011

Snowflakes in May!

Found this beautiful aqua and white snowflake divided casserole dish today at GW for $2.99 and snatched it up to add to our collection! Hubby loved it too - he's always so supportive of my crazy Pyrex-ia!

Picked up this set of four Pyrex Spring Blossom/Crazy Daisy mugs this weekend while rummaging. Available for trade through my Flickr account, as we already have this pattern and all of the place settings/etc. These are the milkglass mugs with the Pyrex stamp on the bottom (not the Corelle coordinates).

The next two items I'm hoping someone can help me with pattern names.

These are two large Pyrex milkglass mugs with D-handles with a green leafy floral design. Anyone able to name it?

And then there's this 043 oval casserole in bright yellow. Not sure what line it goes with? Daisy maybe? I bought it because I need the lid for a snowflake casserole of the same size in my collection that's missing this lid...

Gotta love all the pretty colors!


  1. summer impressions

  2. Thank you - that solves one mystery! :)