Friday, April 15, 2011

Hello Everyone

My name is Will and I am new to the collective.

My obsession with pyrex began when I was younger. My mom had one Spring Blossom mixing bowl when I was growing up that was my favorite bowl to use for everything from making salads to popcorn.

Now that I am older I noticed that there were other pieces to this set and I wanted to use those instead of new dishes. This sent me down a long winding road leading me to here.

I found more Spring Blossom then I ever imagined and now I am realizing there is a whole world of other pyrex out there waiting for me to find. The pieces they produced are so varied it makes me feel like every time I go out there is an opportunity for me to find something new.

At first my wonderful girlfriend thought I might have lost my mind but now it is something we love doing together!

Spring Blossom Green

Here is my collection of spring blossom green. Also known to my family as "where it all began". As you can see it has grown well beyond that first mixing bowl. In fact I am only missing a few pieces of the bakeware. Without a doubt my favorite piece of this set is still the large mixing bowl. But other then that I would have to say its the refrigerator dishes or the salt and pepper shakers.

Random Pyrex

These are some of the random pieces I have collected since then. My collection isn't quite as colorful as some of yours. (I am dying to find some reasonably priced pink, yellow and blue). From Top Left clockwise we have: 1. Coffee mugs two are labeled pyrex one is labeled corning 2. A telephone pole insulator made by pyrex and a Terra Casserole 3. Another shot of them 4. "Midnight Bloom" with stand 5. Random collection of pieces The clear one is Colonial Mist 6. Another random collection Snowflake, Barbed wire, Old Orchard, Golden Bouquet? and Golden Pine.

Hopefully this post was not too long. I look forward to sharing more finds with you as well as seeing the great pieces you all find.

With any luck we will start a blog covering some of the other great items we have found while thrifting include the table these were sitting on for the picture.


  1. Welcome! You have accumulated quite a collection. I am especially impressed with the spring blossom. I only have a couple pieces because I prefer pink and turquoise, but spring blossom is growing on me.

    It is nice you and your girlfriend enjoy the hunt together. My husband enjoys Pyrexing as much as I do. In fact, he is out of town and going thrifting without me tomorrow; can't wait to see what he comes home with!

  2. Oh Will- what a beautiful collection of Spring Blossom! I always love it when the story relates to family. My mom had the Spring Blossom as well, and that started me, too. Love the telephone pole insulator- so fun! Welcome to the Collective!

  3. I love the Spring Blossom too and only have 1 piece so color is more of a lime green. I will post it when I get a minute.
    I have decide only to collect the colors I like, aquas....blues...pinks...yellows and greens. Otherwise it could take over my house!

  4. That is a very nice collection of Spring Daisy!! I'm loving those refrigerator dishes. You definitely have started a nice collection!! Be careful though, this Pyrex-ing can take over your life!!! LOL....

  5. Thank you all for the welcome. Yeah I know it can take over. I am starting to collect the colors that appeal to me more. I too love the aquas pinks and yellows. I also seem to have an obsession with the promotional patterns.

  6. Every piece you have is great!!! Looks like you are addicted!!!

  7. I love promotional patterns too. they just seem so much more they're beautiful!

    Nice collection!

  8. Beautiful collection! Spring Blossom is the main set I collect and I'd do just about anything to find the lasagna pan! Thanks for sharing =)

  9. I enjoyed reading your post. Very nice collection of Pyrex!

  10. That's an amazing collection...I love that midnight bloom, I've never seen one before!

  11. Thank you! Midnight bloom and the charcoal snowflake bowls are my favorite finds so far.

  12. Will, you are every Pyrex-obsessing woman's dream come true. Those of you with family members who just don't get this obsession should force them to read this post. Awesome collection!

  13. Great Collection!!

    I love all the Spring Blossom. My favorite is the Terra piece.

    :) Welcome