Friday, April 15, 2011

The treasure of a measure - ing cup =)

Sorry for the lame title...I couldn't help it.

I found this little gem while making a short stop at a local thrift store today (I can't not stop if I see one. It's a problem. I'm dealing with it.)....

I know it's one of the older versions as it has the D handle. From what I've gathered, I think they made these from the 1940s through 1980s. But, that's a long span of time...and so, I'm still not quite sure how old it actually is. The bottom mark says "For general household and photographic use only"...whatever that means! Anyone have any insights?

I paid an exorbitant $1. =D

Recipe Puppy


  1. I would guess yours might be earlier than the 70s? Isn't that when Pyrex tried to go metric? I have one that shape which was new around 1980 and it has metric measurements on one side, ounces on the other. All the lettering is faded now, I used it a lot! It says "Not for lab or stove top use" on the bottom.
    Yours is in great shape!

  2. Very cool measuring cup. It looks to be in amazing shape!

  3. Soooo fun, and I LOVE the title! And I think it's so cool to see Pyrex in the background of the photos too-

  4. lol nice catch, Candice! Even I hadn't noticed my casseroles in the back.