Friday, April 8, 2011

Et tu Sally Ann?

My local SA is experiencing a sort of renaissance. Suddenly I'm finding Pyrex on every trip, where before I found none. I'm thrilled...BUT, they've hiked up their prices to VV levels. For example, last night I saw a set of 3 Homestead Cinderella bowls - in really nice condition, I'll give them that - for $17 (!!). This is the same place where I got this beautiful, nearly mint Green Wheat space saver for just $4 a few weeks ago.

As John Stossel of 20/20 would say - GIMME A BREAK!


  1. I agree....I've never quite figured out the pricing at the GW's and SA's around here. One day you go in and everything is cheap, then the next time you go in they have the Pyrex prices all jacked up. It's like someone told them..."you're not charging enough for the Pyrex." Don't you love your green Wheat dish? I have one without the lid that I bought at GW about a year ago.

  2. VV pricers have no clue. I found 2 different divided dishes (with lids!!) the other day, and there was a $7 difference in price. I only wanted the expensive one and asked them if they would match the price. They did. The supervisor even said it depends on who's doing the pricing that day.