Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's Time to Share My Love of Pyrex

This is my first post and I am excited to share my passion for pyrex with others who love it too. My collection so far has a lot great pieces in it that I will have to share with you all over the next while. For now I will start with today's finds. Today my boyfriend and I went out for what has become our normal Sunday antique market stroll. At these places I typically only buy pieces I consider hardered to find and only for the right price.
It seemed like a dry pyrex event until I stumbled across two finds...

#1- A large 2.5 quart red hostess dish with lid

At first I thought it was one I already had, but then I wasn't sure.... it seems a bit larger. I picked it up and decided that if I have it, it's a perfect gift for one of my pyrex loving friends and if it's a different size then bonus. I came home with it and to my luck it is the larger size! So now I have a 2.5qt and 1.5qt and one 12 oz bowl. Clearly I need to find the ramekins and more bowls now.

#2- A blue delphite made in Canada Casserole dish I found this one once before when I had just started collecting pyrex and I picked it up for a friend. I had hoped I would find another one for me and luckly today I did. The blue is so pretty and the shape is unusual.
It will go really nice with some of the blue delphite I already have...