Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Love Spring Time

I love spring time for many reasons; the weather, longer days, flowers blooming...pyrex collecting!

Look what I came across today:

A Yellow Desert Dawn, what pyrex love calls, utility dish ($2). Though you may not be able to see by the picture, it's not actually a solid yellow color. It's speckled with brown dots! They were made in pink with red speckles too. My pyrex collector's guide says they were first introduced in 1955. How FAB!

I also found this:

A 2 qt Holiday casserole, 1961 promotion ($4). SO pretty!

Of course I will be using Bar Keeper's Friend to polish these up!

Happy Wednesday!

Wine Minimalist


  1. wow!!! Amazing finds - at spectacular prices too! :)

  2. ah anything yellow just makes a kitchen happy. and i love finding promotional pieces, so i just know that feeling you had when you spotted it from across the room and went straight over to give it a welcoming hug! oh happy pyrex day!

  3. Very nice finds @ very nice prices!! I love those utility dishes, and I'm always on the lookout for them.