Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Early American Collection

Hi everyone! New here ... and a Pyrex addict! :) Just wanted to share my Early American collection with you all. I started collecting Pyrex a couple months ago ... inspired by a great Pyrex photo I saw on Flickr and Jeni. My Early American is currently displayed above my kitchen cabinets.

I have a full set of Cinderella bowls (I used some polystyrene insulation chunks to give height to the bowls and avoid them rattling - works great!). I also have two 501 Fridgies w/o lids.

I also have the 401, 402 and 403 Mixing Bowls, and have the 404 Mixing Bowl with holder already purchased and on it's way (thanks Amy!). Next to those bowls are my two 502 Fridgies, without lids. Since taking this picture, I have a third 502 Fridgie with a lid, which is also up there. I swapped with a Flickr friend for the 503 Refrigerator Dish, which is also on it's way to join the others! You can also see a 1958 Hex Signs 2.5 quart promotional oval casserole dish with lid and a 1.5 quart Early American Casserole without lid. I am still looking for the 2.5 quart Early American Casserole with lid (and lids for the others that are missing!).

Not pictured is an Early American Divided Casserole Dish, which I also have. And I have an additional Early American 401 Cinderella bowl in my For Trade Flickr set. I've been undecided about collecting the 471-475 cinderella round casseroles, as I don't know that I have room for them (and I'm collecting them in a different pattern currently as well!).

So, that's my Early American collection! Stay tuned for my other collection ... and the fun Pyrex I've been finding along the way!


  1. Love the display, it looks fantastic!

  2. I love your display, looks so nice in your kitchen.

  3. I love the little fridgies with the cats!

  4. A beautiful job incorporating it!!