Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A $13 Day

For $13 today I got 2 cake pans, an orange bowl and this lovely coffee carafe with a warming stand! One cake pan and the carafe were $3.18!!! The orange bowl the most $7 at Goodwill.

I love the design on this, any idea how old? Any info at all?

Here are 2 more that I bought a while back. I use them to keep sewing things in. This way they are useful but nobody breaks them!

Here is another design. Again any ideas on name, age???
This one is a favorite. It feels 50's to me. I am also figuring out it is hard to photograph glass!


  1. I really like the coffee and beverage carafes, and have collected quite a few myself. Nice finds for $13!

  2. I love the carafes the designs on those are in great shape. The stand is a great bonus!