Sunday, April 3, 2011


The past 3 weeks have been terrible for finding pyrex. It seems like there's no pyrex in the thrift stores and flea markets in my area...and if there are they're terribly expensive or completely ruined and in bad shape. It's driving me crazy. What should I do!??! I'm so disheartened! The only thing I was able to find was this woodland mug for 39 cents at a thrift store I stopped by during a road trip.

I hope the rest of you are having better luck than me!


  1. It's been dry here too - I'm in Wisconsin. I did find some some Woodland Corelle pieces ... four saucers, six cups, four salad plates and four large dinner plates for $5.99 last week. It's for my mom, as she's collecting that pattern. I just snatch it up when I see it for her!

    I'm hoping things pick up when people start spring cleaning their houses and garage season starts.

  2. Seems like it's been dry for a lot of people. Strange. I hope that Jeannadesigns is right and that spring cleaning sees more Pyrex come our way!

  3. Ouuu, that would be perfect!!! Been dry in the West too ;) Seems to me that things cycle for me, but I only started collecting recently. Hoping for some serious Pyrex rain for you soon :)

  4. My wife and I scour the Ohio Valley including West Virginia and southeastern Ohio for Pyrex and come along quite a bit of it. Lots of Corelle pieces and clear bakeware. The area in and around Marietta, OH which is about 1 1/2 hours north of Charleston, is usually very plentiful. Many great places to hunt.