Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Monday

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

There was tons of stuff going on this weekend. First Jen and I went to the Asparagus festival in Stockton, CA on Saturday. That was tons of fun, good food and great weather.

While there and driving back we stopped at quite a few thrift stores. Let me just say people down there take thrifting very seriously!! We were at a thrift store 20 minutes before it opened and the parking lot was already full of people waiting to get in!

We still found some great stuff. We went to about 7-8 thrift stores on the way back home and actually found quite a few items. Including an awesome typewriter desk and the cart these pictures were taken on.


Sunday brought us to Folsom, CA for the Folsom Peddlers Fair. For those who haven't been there are tons of booths with people selling a whole bunch of different items. From 50 cent antique bottles to $400 Dolls. That netted us some great deals as well including an entire set of Daisy Cinderella bowls.


We also got two pink bowls and a Golden Leaf Promotional in the same weekend. Talk about luck! We now have lots of color in our collection and we couldn't be happier.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as we did.


  1. Oh.My.WOW!!! What an awesome trip!! How fun is that??!! Some gorgueous finds- oh how I wish I could see all these lovelies in real life :)

  2. Unbelievable finds- what a fun trip it must've been!

  3. What beautiful things! And so colorful too. Love the daisy bowls, I've never come across that color around here.
    What a great weekend you had!

  4. The trip was tons of fun. There usually isn't that much color around here so the opportunity to travel was great.

    I think Jens favorite finds from this weekend are the Pink Gooseberry and the zebra she found at the Peddlers Fair.

  5. Wow!! What awesome finds!! I love everything you found........everything!!

  6. Amazing finds! It's all so pretty!!

  7. I love seeing the variety of cinderella bowls all in one place. You have some real treasures there :)

  8. Wow - these are some amazing finds! You've got a great collection!

  9. I have the coffee carafe with the sugar & cream. Got it as a wedding gift many years ago. There is a small plastic woodgrain tray that the carafe & cream & sugar rest on that goes with this set just in case you did not know. Love all your finds.