Monday, April 25, 2011

Strategic or Random Pyrexing?

My Babies

I've been watching Pyrex Collective for some time now, after my fellow pyrexic Erin {Erin Ink} and I linked up on Craigslist.  You see, I was in the process of downsizing and I listed several pieces on Craigslist with a promise to my husband that my collection would not grow past a manageable state.  You see, Ive been after him for years about his Star Wars and Transformers AND comic book collections that just sit in boxes taking up precious space and we all know that when you downsize homes, alot has to go.  So, I graciously agreed to give up a few pieces and at that time, my most prevelant pattern was Butterprint, so I let some of the others go.
Spring Blossom (not pictured are dinner, salad plates and teacups)

Fast forward 2 months and I swear its like pyrex has come out of the woodworks and into our apartment. I dont know how it got there. I swear!

I have had great luck at flea markets, antique stores (the secret is to look in the booths that dont specialize in housewares/glassware), and enlisting family and friends in other states (Thanks Ma and Meek).

My three main prints (as of now) are Butterprint, Spring Blossom and Butterfly Gold.  I feel good about the amount I have collected from these and can move to other patterns.

Not pictured: a Friendship casserole, 2 Daisy Casseroles, Americana fridgie set and bowls and this bad boy which is my most expensive ever and will not be repeated, lol
I love the orangey/yellow tone of butterfly gold
(coffee cups not pictured)

Meet the Browns

Ive got the blues ;)

They look lonely without matching friends
The question is what pattern do I put my effort into now?  Im really diggin Woodland, Barcode aka Stripes (so elusive), Horizon, Terra.  Do you purposely search out your favorite patterns or just pick up whatever tickles your fancy? 

I have a big flea coming up in a couple of weeks...I hope to report back a serious haul!



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  2. You have an amazing collection!! Love that butterprint! I have some favs but tend up pick up whatever Pyrex I find and like :)

  3. Nice Butterprint collection! I usually buy certain patterns to finish a collection (Blue Snowflake) and then others that I just like the looks/colors of. Most of mine are a mismatch but I like it that way. :)

    --Erin {}

  4. I try to search out favorite patterns, but around here it's so hit and miss. So, I usually wind up buying whatever tickles my fancy, or what I need to add to my sets. You have a very nice collection!!

  5. Butterprint IS the one I covet the most, and is the one that started this whole crazy ride. I would love one of everything please!

    By 'accident' I seem to have collected a bunch of Butterfly Gold, some Daisy, and more divided casseroles than any person needs.

    Friendship is high on my list, because it will eventually go wherever my daughter goes. It's her fave, so we are collecting for her. She's 11. It will be mine for a while!

    I'm drawn to fun colours, so I don't discriminate when it comes to aquas, blues, fresh greens, pinks, yellows.

    Earth tones and gold leaf patterns don't excite me. The few that I have were gifts or early purchases, and I'll find new homes for them once my collection starts squeezing them out.

  6. I pick it up whenever I can.. patterns? I'm not picky.. I want it all!

  7. Pick up whatever I can find.

    Butterprint has to be my favorite & I only have one piece. I saw a couple of bowls at Goodwill 2 months ago or so & they were so faded that I passed. Turns out so did a lot of other people - they sat there over a week, even through a 50% off day where the store is usually cleared out.

  8. I pick up whatever I can find, as long as it's in good shape. I don't have a lot of flea markets, etc - so unfortunately, a lot of mine comes from high priced shipping off ebay. My main collection is the snowflake garland, but those seem to be elusive in the NW :(