Saturday, April 23, 2011

Last minute pickin's

I felt like I needed a break from life today, so I went to the thrifts! It was a bit late and a Saturday so I knew it wouldn't be the best pickings. But I did find this:

At $3.15 I couldn't leave it behind. I believe this opal white divided dish does not come with a lid. But I'm not sure. I also read that these opal white dishes are less common than other pyrex patterns. Does anyone know anything about this particular dish?

Happy Easter to those who celebrate!

Recipe Puppy


  1. Pyrex is the best and I love that you're showcasing it on your blog. I passed up on a great piece on Friday but it was $8.98 and just too much money. I think the thrift stores are catching on to the allure and staying power of Pyrex. I'm your newest follower - have a blessed Easter.

  2. Lynn, this blog actually has many authors, not just me! Hence the "collective". You can also join if you'd like! Everyone posts about their pyrex finds.

  3. I don't know a lot about the opal white divided dishes, either. I saw one last week, but passed on it (gasp! I know...but I picked up four other pieces :) I'm pretty sure they didn't come with lids because the one I saw didn't have one either, and the other dishes I found all had their lids. Sorry I couldn't be more help.

  4. Similar shaped divided dishes (with the more oval than tab handles) sometimes have wire handle such as this:
    and it is called a snack server. I have only seen pictures but none of them have lids. PyrexLove and Flickr can really be useful for sourcing information and you can do a search for specific pieces: