Sunday, April 3, 2011

Greetings From Houston

Hey everyone!
My name is Lisa and I live in Houston, Texas. My interest in Pyrex started this past January (late bloomer?) but I am trying to make up for lost time. My blog entry marked my immediate love for Pyrex. My mother-in-law owns an antique mall in Alvin (neighboring city of Houston) so she invited my hubby and me to tag along to auctions.
The Snowflake was my first piece to acquire. I love black and white and was drawn to the snowflake design as soon as I saw it at an auction. I was the winner and went home happy. I went online to find more information and found PyrexLove. I was hooked.
I am already a thrifter so I just added one more thing to my list to look for. On one lucky day, I scored the Snowflake Blue and Zodiac on the same visit. I am a Black Friday veteran so running down an aisle or snatching something off a shelf is completely acceptable.  I saw the Snowflake Blue piece and immediately went into Black Friday mode. I clutched this piece tightly and realized everyone around me could CARE LESS. It was an ignored piece passed over for the more recent, but boring, clear pieces. When heading to the check out, I spotted another piece. I remembered the Zodiac pattern from PyrexLove, otherwise, I would have passed it by. I was a happy girl to go home with two sets for under $15 total.
I look forward to hunting for more pieces. I am already addicted! In between thrifting, I need to research more. I don’t want another piece to pass me by because I am not familiar.
I am so happy Erin created this blog and excited to talk Pyrex with other lovers. My hubby thinks I am crazy but he is supportive and luckily he has the ‘antique gene’.

Nice 'meeting' y'all,
One of my proudest auction wins!
Too pretty to only use in the Winter
Missing the design on the lid, but loved just the same.


  1. Those are awesome pieces to get started with, congratulations! I love black and white too, so classic :)

  2. Love the pieces!! I'm new to this too- it's so fun learning and hunting! You have a GREAT connection ;)

  3. Lisa, I'm a Pyrex collector in Houston too! You must check out The Guild Shop on Dunlevy - they always have some pieces. I was just there yesterday and they had a pretty good selection - but most of the ones that they have I already have... now it's searching for the rare finds. Are you going to Round Top this weekend?? I can't wait!

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Ashly-I have heard about the Guild shop but haven't been. Thanks for telling me. I thought Round Top was last weekend? Is it going on this weekend too?

    My email address is