Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I love snow in April!

No, not the real kind of snow we've been getting.  But I do love me some snowflake Pyrex fridgie!!!

I had only a few minutes and decided to do a quick stop at a VV I've never found anything at.  Lucky I did!!

I was so surprised to see this beauty sitting right on the top shelf, in plain sight!  It's got a chip on the lid and some scuffs but the pattern is perfect and I couldn't be happier with my 5 minute thrift trip.

It was $7.99 but they took $1 for the chip on the lid.  Unfortunately they charge tax at VV, unlike SA and GW, so I ended up paying $7.90. 


  1. It is soooo purtty! :) I love this pattern!

  2. I can't believe they took a $1 off for the lid - good for you! How many fridgies do you have now? After the conversation I had yesterday with the VV manager regarding the Shenandoah lids - I could never imagine that woman giving a discount for anything!! Hah!!

  3. it's still worth it.. u know that right? Gorgeous find!

  4. Great find!

    I've never thought to haggle on price at VV. Good deal for you :)

  5. Nice find! I like the Snowflake pattern too!!

  6. I never realized haggling could be done at thrifts until one day the lady in line before me did it. I've seen many people do it since. So now, whenever there's a defect, I just ask if they can do anything and I've gotten discounts a couple of times this way.

    I now have a total of 5 fridgies and possibly one more on the way...stay tuned :)