Sunday, April 10, 2011

Surprise trip!

Hello all! Hope you had a great thrifting weekend :) Today started out with a quick trip to our local Goodwill store after an afternoon at the in law's house. Found a clear pie plate and a large casserole, but I'm not really interested in the clear guys :)! Found these 2 little cute cups though! They aren't Pyrex but are in the "Butterfly Gold" pattern.

Figured today was a bust and got back in the car ready to head home and do some cleaning. However my hubby had different plans! He surprised me and took me about 20 minutes from our house to a Goodwill Outlet store! I had no idea that these even existed!! Apparently all of the housewares are 50% the ticketed price!

That brings me to this poor, poor dishwasher murdered Butterprint round casserole (473 I think?) The print is obviously ruined but the inside is still in great shape, and I figure I can use this little guy and not be worried about "messing it up". Can't beat it for 50 cents!

Next door to the Goodwill was a Value Village so I decided to run in there right quick too. Only one piece of Pyrex in the whole place but it was in HORRIBLE condition. The outside felt like sandpaper. The inside? Well I'd rather not scar you all for life.. ha! This poor little bowl just needed to be taken out back and put out of it's misery!

All in all it was a super fun trip and I'm so happy and blessed to have a Hubby who indulges my inner thrifting monster.. :) I think I may need to start thrifting for a Pyrex storage solution though..soon!

Amanda J.


  1. We are lucky. My husband enjoys thrifting with me too, but I gather it's not the same for most. We are blessed!

  2. Nice little finds. I have some of the those Butterfly Gold Corelle cups. I think they look good with all my Butterfly Gold Pyrex. So glad you rescued the little Butterprint too!