Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekend Finds

Hi! As I said, we have never found anything nice at Goodwill before last week. Now for the second week in a row we found several nice things at two out of town GW stores.

My first bread pan in Spring Blossom! I usually collect only turquoise and pink, but I have been looking for a bread pan, ANY bread pan! And this pattern is growing on me. I think I will make some lemon bread!

We also found this #023 casserole in opal white. I have never seen anything in opal white before and this seems to have a very faint almost blue tint; very nice!

Then we found this gravy boat in Old Town Blue. I like these gravy boats because of the wider base; less tippy, and of course they are pretty!

And my favorite, found by my husband because it was in a glass case not in plain sight. (I think he has a better eye for spotting Pyrex than I do!) My first Gooseberry fridgie with lid! After Butterprint, this is my favorite pattern. Last week we found two entire Gooseberry refrigerator sets but they wanted $75 each! I was so disappointed, but now am thrilled to have found this piece.

Total paid for all pieces: $10. Still nothing found at our local GW stores, but we’ll keep stopping whenever we see one out of town!

Happy hunting!


  1. Wow, score! I adore that gravy boat and saucer. I've seen Old Town Blue before but never really struck a cord with me. Your pieces changes my mind, it's lovely!

  2. Score! Great finds for $10! :)

  3. I have a old town gravy boat too! But sadly, I'm missing the saucer. Hope to find one soon!

  4. I love the Old Town gravy boat! Love your other finds too!