Thursday, June 30, 2011

Loving the Weekend Thrifting!

Now that I am in summer, my weekends are virtually free. No soccer games, boy scout activities, no school activities for my son. So I am making full use of my free time. We have been hitting thrift stores, estate sales, flea markets, and garage sales. I picked up some to trade (hopefully).

Here is what I picked up recently.
I love fridgies!

My Spring Blossom collection is growing. My first gold leaf (foil?) piece.


I picked up the purple pieces for a purple loving friend who complained that Pyrex doesn't make anything in her favorite color.

Anyone know what pattern this is?

That's my haul for now. We are on the hunt for storage/display solutions for my collection. How do you store your pyrex? I want my pieces accessible to use but on display when not in use.


  1. Good grief, you found a LOT! That's awesome! We have lots of Ikea shelving around our little apartment, and our Pyrex lives in 2 tall, narrow Billy shelves, complete with glass doors on the front. The doors keep the dust off and they're clean and ready to use whenever I want! Which is every day. :D

  2. I love those turquoise fridgies.

  3. Wonderful the variety and the fridgies.

  4. The orange pyrex piece is called Oriental Orange or Ginger and is a promotional piece. It originally came with a bamboo holder. You can see a picture of mine here:


  5. I just picked up the lid to your large old orchard casserole at Goodwill, and I don't have the dish. I just bought it in case someone ever needed it.

  6. Thanks everyone! I am very excited about my finds. Thanks kblaidlaw for the info! Mine has a bamboo holder with it also, but the seller wanted twice as much for that than the Pyrex piece itself. I wasn't even sure if it went together so I passed on it.
    Jennifer, how do I get in touch with you?
    My email address is

  7. Lisa, here's my email: I'll email you pictures soon of the lid. It's in good shape with no chips or scratches.