Friday, June 17, 2011

Leave No Pyrex Unturned

Today I got to a suburban Goodwill and immediately checked out the cart full of gray bins to see what was headed to the shelves. At some of our local GW's they put up signs telling customers not to dig through the "new" item bins - but luckily this GW was not one of them. I spotted this at the bottom of the bin, and I almost didn't dig them out, because the reflection of the outside colors made it look like some Autumn Harvest mixing bowls, which I already have a complete set of:

But I am SO glad I did take the time to dig them out (they were under about 10 fragile wine glasses, sheesh!)

Because they weren't Autumn Harvest at all, they were this:
PINK! Glorious pink Pyrex mixing bowls! I think these came in a set of four, these are the two middle sizes. I happily paid $3.50 for the smaller bowl, $4.99 for the larger bowl.

When I first started collecting Pyrex, the Debbie Downer that I was assumed I'd never find any pink Pyrex (my favorite) but so far I've collected two Gooseberry bowls, the Dessert Dawn dish, and the Flamingo Pink Pie dish. Since May.
(Sorry for the bad quality color photo above! They look dull, yuck..)
Now I have two more pink pieces to add to my collection, and they're in great condition.

Today I also spotted, still in the bins waiting to be shelved also, some Snowflake Blue Corelle. Until now I haven't ever been tempted to pick up any Corelle dishes, which I see quite often, but these matched the Snowflake Blue Pyrex, which is one of my favorite patterns. So I went ahead and got several Corelle dishes as well.
That's 1 small covered (butter?) dish, 1 oval platter, 1 large bowl, 2 medium bowls, 8 small plates, and 8 bowls for a grand total of $8.50!

Which was perfect because just a few days ago I found this Pyrex butter dish at another Goodwill for $2:
I'm loving the Snowflake Blue pattern. 
That little dish is interesting to me in that the dish is marked Corelle but the lid is marked Pyrex. It's so cute!


  1. It's a sugar bowl to the sugar & creamer set. Awesome you found it with the lid. Snowflake Garland is my utmost favorite pattern too!

  2. Thank you for that info, Kristy! I'll have to track down the creamer dish now...

  3. Wow, those are some amazing finds! I can't believe you've been able to find all this since May.

  4. Fantastic finds & really nice pieces! Love the sugar bowl...sooo cute!

  5. Love the pink bowls. I have only one Pink Gooseberry bowl in my collection but I have hope that someday I will hit a store and there they will be, just for me! I found the snowflake S&P at a thrift the other day and could not resist them...great finds!

  6. Love the pink!

    & the Darion Downer that I am, I feel like I'm never gonna find any pink Pyrex!

  7. Wow, aren't you glad you went digging?? Lucky you that you found Pink Pyrex bowls! Wish I could be that lucky! I also love the Snowflake dishes you found!! You've done very well since May!! :)

  8. I have that little Corelle/Pyrex sugar bowl myself- I just thought it was too perfect to pass up! I'm still on the hunt for the creamer to go with it, but in the meantime I have a solid turquoise one I'm using that goes with it well enough.

    I love your butter dish too- I've yet to come across any butter dish in any pattern anywhere here in RI, what a great haul you've got!