Thursday, June 9, 2011

Atomic Blast Off

Check out the legs on this baby! I have seen a couple other candle warmer styles with this leg but not this exact one. The Pyrex dish itself is labeled 626 3QT. It has a gold sponge paint type finish over clear. The lid is brass with wood and a brass decorative leaf pattern around the also wood handle. Super Swanky in all it's Mid Century Mod design.

Though they take up precious kitchen space, I am repeatedly drawn to the candle warmer styles. This beauty was discovered on the back bottom shelf of one of my more frequented Goodwill Stores in Indianapolis, IN. It was $7.99, but the flutter in my chest it stirred up was worth much more.

Does anyone have any other info about this piece?


  1. That is such an unusual dish! My heart is all a flutter too! It is an atomic work of art!

    Keep in mind that Pyrex made glass inserts for a lot of different companies. I hope some other memebers have info for you :)

  2. That's really nice, and quite different! My heart would be fluttering too if I found something like that!

  3. WOW-o-WOW...that is awsome! Beautiful piece!!!

  4. Hi! I just got a similar pyrex casserole dish at Goodwill (minus the cute warmer). It has the same exact clear glass bottom, covered in what looks like gold sponge paint, but it has a different clear glass cover with a green and gold pattern on it. The cover reads Pyrex 626-C A-13. Did you ever find anything more about yours? I am sure ours are related!