Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Weekend Roadtrip

I'm a lucky girl to have a husband who is completely supportive of my pyrex collecting. He's also always up for a little driving. Where I live, the homes are newer, and I have trouble finding pieces. We decided to drive to the next county over for a tour of their Goodwills and did pretty well. Clockwise from top left: #444 Town and Country cinderella mixing bowl; #403 Spring Blossom mixing bowl; #401 Spring Blossom mixing bowl; #443 Gooseberry cinderella mixing bowl; #743 Verde bake & store casserole. I picked all this up for a total of $12, which I'm very pleased with.

While it was the pink and aqua pyrex that attracted me to collecting, I'm finding new appreciation for some of the less popular color schemes, the greens and browns in particular. Normally, I'm not a fan of green, but this little Verde casserole is just too cute. It's lonely though, and needs more Verde friends to hang out with.


  1. Those are great finds for $12 - I'm impressed! I love the spring blossom bowls!

  2. Terrific finds! They are so beautiful. Great price too.

  3. Wow, that's some great finds for $12!! I love the greens, but I especially love that Gooseberry!

  4. $12? That's amazing! Love the gooseberry and verde casserole especially :)

  5. Great finds! I totally have a Verde for her to hang with...


    I'm going on a mini-road trip this weekend and I hope to find some Pyrex! Boy is it addictive!