Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hello Pyrexers!!

I just joined the blog a few days ago, so hello all! I thought I'd start by posting a pretty big find for me! I'd been carrying the Friendship lid around for years, and last week I finally found a bottom for it. I know, I know, it's supposed to be red, but after waiting as long as I have this will do fine. Subsequently, I've had the Verde bottom for about a year, and I've been using a clear lid with it, but this morning I found this one at GW, along with a Friendship Cinderella 443! I never find the patterns I actually want at GW, so that was awesome! The bowl was marked $5.99 and the lid $1.99, but the cashier thought they were too high, so she gave them both to me for $5.99! Score! I am focusing pretty much on orange, yellow, green and red now, and I am editing my collection as you read this, so hopefully soon I'll post a few potential trades.

So glad I found an outlet for my hysteria, and proof to the boyfriend that I'm not the only one!!

Happy Pyrexing!!


  1. I love the Verde pattern it is one of my fav's. I am hoping to start trading some of my Pyrex also. I am like you and deciding to limit my colors to just a few. Good Luck!

  2. How exciting! I can honestly say I've never thought of collecting vintage Pyrex before, but I love all things vintage and recently, I've been making the transition away from plastic storage containers. This is the perfect time for me to find this blog. I will be on the hunt, too. I can only imagine how many I've passed up at garage sales and thrift stores because I wasn't looking. Hope I can make my own post shortly.